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Frequently Asked Questions: Packaging & Transporting Cremated Remains, Breastmilk & Flowers

We receive many questions regarding packaging & transporting ashes, funeral service flowers, & breastmilk, and these questions are completely valid. We hope to eliminate some confusion for clients when ordering from us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the process work?

A: The first step is to place your order on our website & decide on what piece (& colour) you want to honour your loved one. The next step is packaging the ashes and sending them to us. This may be the tough part for you & we encourage you to enlist the help of a friend for this part - there is no shame in that. The final step is mailing them out to us (or drop off if local) & leave the rest to us.

Q: How much ashes is required to make one piece of jewelry?

A: 1/8 of a teaspoon of ashes (or the size of your baby fingernail) is required to create one piece of jewelry.

Q: How do I package ashes to ship in the mail or to drop off?

A: The easiest way for you to package your loved ones ashes is to use a ziplock baggie & place the baggie containing ashes in an envelope. If you are dropping off ashes, you can use any sealable container, empty pill bottle, or a ziplock baggie - whatever makes you most comfortable.

Q. When I am ordering on the website, there is nothing to specify that I want my jewelry made with ie. ashes, breastmilk, hair, flowers .. how do I go about ordering?

A: Each piece of jewelry on our website would be the same cost regardless of the type of jewelry you want made. All you are required to do is specify in the "notes" box upon ordering, which type of jewelry you are wanting ie. if you are wanting jewelry made with flowers, specify in the notes *funeral home flowers*. We will also see what comes through the mail with your order, so no worries if you forgot to add a note.

Q: What method do you prefer clients to order through? The website, social media, Etsy..

A: The preferred method for ordering jewelry is through our website - this is where most of our orders come through & we see the orders through the website first. Etsy is an option, however Etsy charges more fees. If a client wanted to pay cash, we would accept orders via telephone or social media (local only, no e-transfers).

Q: How to I send breastmilk through the mail?

A: You can send a whole bag, or 15-30mls of breastmilk frozen via mail, or drop it off to the studio. Breastmilk that is thawed is fine for us to use, and even spoiled breastmilk will work. However if the milk went mouldy in the transportation process, it will not be usable.

Q: How do I package flowers to ship to you?

A: If your flowers are fresh and not dried, it is best if you send us your flowers in an envelope (not a plastic baggy as the flowers have the potential to turn mouldy). If the flowers are dried, you can send them in a baggie, envelope, container, or whatever you would prefer.

Q: Do you ship to my Country?

A: Yes - we ship worldwide. We even have a map where we have been documenting all the countries we have shipped to. Get in touch with us for specific requirements for mailing inclusions cross country.

Q: How long can I expect to wait for my jewelry to be shipped to me?

A: Jewelry generally ships in 2-4 business days from when the ashes are received. For custom orders, it can take up to a month, depending on if supplies are needed to be ordered.

Q: What do you do with the leftover ashes?

A: Any leftover cremated remains are packaged up & sent back with the finished piece of jewelry.

Q: Is your jewelry waterproof?

A: All of our items are made of the highest quality metals. They are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. Although they are waterproof, we do recommend removing them before using chemicals or going in hot tubs.

Q: Are you able to make & sell jewelry that don't contain ashes? Ex. Birthstone Jewelry?

A: We are able to make any piece of jewelry into birthstone jewelry for the same price on our website. Just specify in the "notes" upon ordering it is birthstone jewelry. We offer birthstone colours that are custom mixed - so if yours is not listed on the colour chart, let us know in the "notes" what colour your birthstone is or the month & we will create it for you. We also do custom work to match loved ones eyes, car colours, etc.

Q: Where can I see examples of the jewelry you have made?

A: Visit our social media pages for many examples and pictures of jewelry we have created. Instagram, Facebook & TikTok- forgetmenotjewels

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