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The Process

Step 1:

Choose your design & colour

We offer 60 different colour options. Keep in mind that each piece is unique as the ashes will react to the casting process differently and the colour will vary slightly. Natural ashes can vary from pale white to a dark black.

Untitled design (43).png

Step 2:

Ash collection

Please place about 1/8 teaspoon per piece of jewelry in a small plastic baggie and double or triple bag, making sure that all bags are sealed tightly. Label with your order # and name. We will always treat your ashes with dignity, care, respect, and love.

step 3:


Each piece of jewelry is handmade by me in my home studio and processing time is around 2 business days from when I receive the ashes. I only work on only one piece at a time, and abide by the standards of care, quality and respect.

step 4:

Packaging and Shipping

After your keepsake piece is complete, it is gift packaged and mailed back to you with any leftover inclusions (ashes, breastmilk, placenta etc). Additional costs may be included to track shipping if you wish to choose this method for your delivery.

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