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Custom made oval cremation large pendant (18x13mm) containing the ashes of your loved one (people or pets) on an 18inch chain. 


Material: 14K Gold Filled


Alternate inclusions: Can also be created with breastmilk, hair or placenta. 

The process to have a Forget-me-not Jewels keepsake made is:


1. Order Your keepsake – Select your colour option or opt for natural ash. Please note that the colour of the inclusion will affect the final colour of the product. 


2. Send your precious inclusions to Forget-me-not Jewels with tracking at the following address:

3066 Waubuno Rd

Brigden, Ontario

N0N 1B0



We will confirm with you when they arrive. 


Ashes (people or pets) - place a 1/8 of a teaspoon amount into a double zip lock bag and then in an envelope. 


Breast milk - use a syringe to measure maximum of 10 ml of milk and minimum of 3ml of milk and place in a double zip lock bag and then in a padded envelope envelope.


Locks of hair – place a tiny amount of hair in a small zip lock bag and then in an envelope


Placenta (must be encapusulated or dehydrated) - place a tiny amount in a small zip lock bag and then in an envelope


Note: any unused inclusions and preserved breastmilk will be returned to you with your keepsake. 


3. You will recieve a notification when your keepsake piece ships from the Forget-me-not Jewels studio & tracking number if its available for your area. 

Large Oval Keepsake Necklace 14K Gold Filled

  • Product can be made with ahses, hair, placenta or breastmilk. 

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