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Meet Our Team

Hey everyone! Olivia & Alyssa here. Welcome to our blog page! We are excited to introduce this page as we can now share posts about grief, our stories, client's stories, the jewelry making process, and more. Here is a little information about us, and why we began working in the cremation jewelry business.

Olivia created the Forget-Me-Not Jewels business in 2019, after the loss of her beloved grandparents. She wanted to introduce subtle, minimalistic jewelry that the cremation jewelry industry was lacking. Olivia found comfort during her grief journey to help others grieving by making beautiful pieces of memorial jewelry that she, and clients can have forever.

Alyssa joined the FGMN Jewels team in 2022. Alyssa has had many losses throughout her life, most recently her mother whom passed in 2020. Alyssa has found that creating memorial jewelry alongside Olivia has provided a sense of belonging, as she realized others are also struggling to cope during their grief.

We are thrilled to be able to share our grief stories & journey with all of you. We know and understand that grief is a very complex thing to go through & everyone experiences it differently. We are here for you. You are not alone in your grief.

Lots of love,

Olivia & Alyssa

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